Jan 21, 2013

100's of Employees Fired for Refusing Flu Shots Ohio TriHealth

Stop Forced Inoculations
Via: Agbe
 Hundreds are losing their jobs for refusing flu shots, but can employers legally force employees to get vaccinated? In some cases yes, others no. In Ohio, TriHealth required all employees to get flu shots by December 3, 2012, and has since fired more than 150 for non-compliance.
 In Indiana, eight health care workers were fired last week for refusing the flu shot, and in the health care industry where the flu shot requirement is common, mandates have spread to include even accountants in the company. The trend of firing employees for refusing is being referred to as Flu Facism and lawsuits are beginning to be filed, particularly in at-will states. Just this week, a former customer service agent at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has sued the hospital after being fired a few years back for refusing a flu shot as it violates her veganism, and a judge has ruled for the case to move forward, opining that veganism falls under the religious belief category. The debate rages on, and employers and employees should know their rights on a state level, as these are not the last lawsuits we will see regarding people losing their jobs for refusing the flu shot.
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