Jan 22, 2013

Houston hospital Fires 'per diem' Workers for Refusing to get a Flu Shot

Via: ChronNews
 If you've escaped the flu this year, you might thank tens of thousands of Houston hospital workers who got vaccinated for the public's sake. At The Methodist Hospital, which was among the nation's first hospitals to require flu shots for employees in 2009, the syringe action starts each August and is hard to miss, said spokeswoman Stefanie Asin.
 A vaccination team sets up shop for a month at a table in the main lobby near the Starbucks booth to catch day-shift workers, and nurses can be found even in the middle of the night going through the hospital to search for unvaccinated employees on the night shift. "We take flu shots to meetings also," Asin said by email. "They are everywhere - that's how serious we are about it."
 This season, about 280, or 2 percent, of Methodist's 14,000 employees were granted medical or religious exemptions from the vaccination, she said. Some employees have been fired for not getting a shot or an exemption, but they typically have been "per diem" employees who work as needed, she said.
Vaccine Exemption Forms