Jan 22, 2013

90% of Whooping Cough Outbreak Involved Vaccinated Kids

Vermont has declared a statewide epidemic of whooping cough that started in 2012 and has continued into the year 2013. To date there has been a total of 612 confirmed cases of pertussis of which 90% have been vaccinated against the bacteria with the Tdap vaccine. The New England Journal of Medicine released a study that parallels this outbreak showing that of the confirmed cases of whooping cough the majored of them, 80%, had received multiple Tdap vaccinations most receiving 5 or 6 doses. The mainstream media have decided the only way to prevent the spread of the bacteria is to have everyone get their vaccinations refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming connection between vaccinated patients and outbreak victims. These vaccines have managed to damage and weaken the immune systems of children and adults leading to epidemic levels of fully vaccinated people becoming sick and contagious. With new vaccines and new medication hitting the market on a daily basis you would think we would have a population of healthy thriving individuals. Instead we have a growing number of childhood illness and chronic disorders that only makes the pharmaceutical companies more money. With the ultimate goal of turning people into patients and being healthy into a diagnosis how much longer will it be until these statistics are made public knowledge and an opt-in program for vaccinations is established? What is the accumulated damaged suffered in receiving multiple vaccinations that offer little if no protection at all? The powers that be want vaccinations to become synonymous with medication and now that they are admitting the vaccines wane over time eventually they will be promoted on a daily bases just like taking your vitamins and eating you’re breakfast. I can only imagine that in the near future the new world orders medical media minions will ask, “Have you had your morning vaccinations and medications?” Get all the research links here..