Aug 6, 2012

Chemo Therapy Flawed Increases Cancer Cell Growth by Factor of 30

Promotes Cancer Cell Growth
Feeding Cancer Cells
 Big pharma are losing credibility in almost every field and today a study released out of London indicates that Chemo Therapy has back fired causing the body to create a protein that feeds cancer cells and increases their immunity to treatment by a factor of 30. This is due to DNA mutations caused by the Chemo Therapy which currently has a statistical average success rate of 2.1% with testicular cancer being the highest at 40%.
WNT16B Protein
WNT16B Protein Feeds Cancer Cells
 Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle looked at fibroblast cell to see how they were responding to chemotherapy treatments. They discovered that the chemotherapy is damaging the DNA which causes the fibroblasts to produce up to 30 times more "WNT16B" protein. This protein fuels cancer cell growth while it invades surrounding tissues helping the cancer cell to resist chemotherapy. The only thing that can effectively kill cancer is your bodies own immune system which you can supercharge with foods and herbs instead of killing it with chemo and radiation.
Chemotherapy USA

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