Aug 6, 2012

Nasal Flu Vaccines Spreads Live Virus

 Sky News reported on the new nasal flu spray which exposes how this vaccination contains a live virus and can be spread to other's this is referred to as "Herd Immunity" implying that people are no more than cattle. The nasal flu vaccines contain a live virus which breeds in the nasal cavity and is ejected into the environment every time you sneeze. The majority of the recent outbreaks in America have involved vaccinated kids and yet the media continually ramble on claiming the only way to fix the problem is to get more vaccinations. Be aware if you are around someone who has recently received the Flumist or Fluzone nasal flu vaccine they have been infected and can infect you just like a zombie but without the bite. All they have to do is sneeze on you and you might become a statistic especially if you are a child who's parents doesn't believe in vaccinations. The media spin this as the source of all outbreaks "The Unvaccinated" when in reality the vaccinated are the carriers that spread the virus throughout the community insuring that the new world orders big pharma division will profit and produce even better crippling diseases in a bottle. Get your vaccine exemption forms today!
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Here is the Sky News original Post