Aug 8, 2012

George Carlin: The American Dream

This was filmed before the 2008 depression but notice how accurately Carlin describes the banking system "their criminal friends on wall street". I have watched this so many times it has become a running narrative in my head any time I start feeling complacent Carlin pops in my heads saying "a system that throw you over board 30 fucking years ago" that's all I need to understand that this isn't our fault. I use to believe that if you were smart and worked hard you would become successful and achieve the American Dream. Carlin helps to expose the truth saying,"you have to be asleep to believe it" and instantly the sleeper has awoken. If Carlin is correct the next victim of our current system will be Social Security "they want you're retirement money".
Thank You George Carlin brilliant to the very end! Please Share Thanks!