Aug 8, 2012

Is Genetically Modified Corn Causing Infertility & Sterility?

 Natural Society reported on Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov who fed Campbell hamsters Monsanto's genetically modified soy for 2 years reached the following conclusions:
  • Austrian researchers reporting 4th generation “Frankencorn”-fed mice totally infertile.
  • Thousands of dead sheep, buffalo, and goats in India after grazing on GM cottonseed.
  • Offspring of mother rats fed GM soy dead within three weeks and recorded smaller sizes.
  • Cooked GM soy with up to 7 times the amount of a soy allergen.
  • Organ lesions, altered liver and pancreas cells, and changed enzyme levels.
  • Excessive cell growth in the stomach lining of GM-potato-fed rats, potentially leading to cancer.
 Could this be the source behind the growing infertility industry which in 2009 raked in profits of $1.9 billion dollars? These genetically modified organisms have a promoter gene inserted into them that has been see migrating out of the DNA sequence and testing its key on all the different locks in the human genome. This might be the cause of new allergies and illness the genetically modified food has mutated proteins which when eaten create mutated receptors sites in order to process the foreign substance properly. After consuming years of GMO foods your cells will become so mutated with deformed receptor sites that they will no longer be able to process normal nutrients, mineral and phytochemicals.
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