Aug 5, 2012

The New World Order Total Control by the year 2057

 Brave New World was just a peak at what the new world order are hoping to accomplish in a world run by genetically modified humans engaged in an erotic driven orgy stimulated society were the dead are turned into food for the living. This Discovery Channel documentary goes even deeper into revealing the now approaching world of the eugenicist driven utopia dominated by robotic automation and constant surveillance of every aspect of your life. Notice at the beginning the man's insurance doesn't cover him consuming alcohol so he has to pour a stored sample of urine into the toilet which has sensors and would fine him for drink while uninsured. Later in the movie he falls and needs surgery which is being scheduled and all looks good until his insurance is cancelled and he is moved to a lower level where he will die. The nurse uses someone else's insurance to save him and he has the surgery. This is just a peak at what the future holds I have already reported on the use of micro drones for DNA sampling and surveillance to an assortment of robots to be used during the coming insurrection.